Labor Law
Representing Unions, Employees and Social Justice Organizations For Over 25 Years

Our firm and its staff are deeply committed to bettering the lives of working people through collective bargaining, legal challenges and social action.

Through our union clients, our firm represents tens of thousands of public and private sector workers in contract negotiations, grievance arbitration and litigation. Through our representation of individual employees, we use existing laws to protect and defend in the areas of civil rights, health and safety, and free speech. Through our representation of social justice organizations, we provide needed legal support to organizations that are deeply committed to social and economic justice.

Hands holding up letters spelling 'Union'
We Represent Unions

Our firm represents both public and private sector unions, including many of the largest public sector unions in New Jersey. We negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements at state, county and local levels. We also represent both faculty and staff at New Jersey colleges and universities. Our private sector labor practice includes unions that represent thousands of employees in New York and New Jersey.

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We Represent Employees

Numerous statutes and regulations protect employees from unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and from unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. Our firm represents individual employees in both administrative agency and court cases and that representation has resulted in significant settlements and awards.

Many stamps with the words "Social Justice"
We Represent Social Justice Organizations

Progressive social change comes through both direct action and legal proceedings. We provide legal assistance to social justice organizations in connection with organizational campaigns and strategic matters. We also help social justice organizations navigate the many state and federal laws on reporting of political activity and contributions and incorporation issues.